Friday, December 16, 2011

Some of my fave shots of this year

This are some of my favorite shot from shoots I have had this year...I hope you all enjoy them!!!
Taken By Bob Clarke "Imagine This Photography"

Taken By Bob Clarke "Imagine This Photography"

Taken By Rob Oglesby

Taken By Rick Owens

Taken By Michael Broyles

Taken By Sam Romines "Rabit Hole Photos"

Taken by Rick Owens
modeling with the amazing
Dora Miller

Taken By Rick Owens

Taken By Rick Owens

Taken By Rick Owens

Taken By Rick Owens

Taken By Rick Owens

Taken By Scott Quammen
modeling with the awesome
Amanda Jayne Shackleford

Taken By Scott Quammen
modeling with the awesome
Amanda Jayne Shackleford

Taken By Scott Quammen

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

OK...Hair Problem

Imlooking to get my hair re-dyed...because Im bored with it now...and I dont like being bored with my these are the current ideas I have for my hair...and one got any ideas? I need help people!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Stand Together

I took a stand against bullies...will you! go to the website above and register for your umber...then follow the steps and take your picture and post it for the whole world to see..we all need to stand up against bullying...

Sirdeaner Walker, whose 11-year-old son died by suicide after experiencing bullying in school, has dedicated her life to ending bullying of all kinds, including bullying based on race, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or anything else that makes people different. 
Take the pledge and stand together with Sirdeaner.

Things like this should never, NEVER, happen to kids, or anyone for the matter...we need to take a stand and make a please, do your part and help make a difference....

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and Im pretty sure that I have more site...but these are the ones I use... :)

My Amazon Wish Lists

I decided that I would create an Amazon account and create myself a few, more than a few...but thats only because I tried to organize

I know alot of models who have done this as a way for their photographers to get things that the models will enjoy shooting in and so maybe it will pay off that way for me woo..but either way here it is...:)

***Now most of these lists have things that I would like to have to modeling.


Want your own custom set? If you get me something off my wishlist, I will e-mail you a full set of photos of me either wearing or using what you sent me!
You can decide what I wear, if anything, the setting, style, and all kinds of other things. OR you can leave all of those decisions up to me.

Want to see me in something really sexy? I’ve got a bunch of really sexy lingerie and other clothing on there.
Want to send me something I will use A LOT? I use shoes more than anything else in photoshoots, and I have a lot of shoes on my list.
Want to send me something cute that reflects your personality? I’ve got all kinds of things that aren’t clothes and shoes!
"Clothes" Amazon Wishlist
"Lingerie" Amazon Wishlist
"Lets Play Dress Up" Amazon Wishlist
"Shoes & More Shoes" Amazon Wishlist
"Socks & Hose" Amazon Wishlist
"Accessories" Amazon Wishlist
"Jewelry" Amazon Wishlist
"Body Jewelry" Amazon Wishlist
"Randoms" Amazon Wishlist

Things I want and love...Im sure I will be adding more to these lists all the time...but these are here for those who wish to show their appreciations or adoration...or for you can use them to get ideas to get somethig for your specail lady...either way I thought it would be nice to post!....:)

I will accept things from these lists for/as payment for my modeling work.

ok...just in case the sizes dont show up...which knowing my luck they need anything in a XS or S (if they dont have either of those sizes)...alot of the stuff I have picked out is OS (one size fits all) and the color really doesn't matter...its all up to you...the shoe size is 8 or 8.5 (if they dont have one of those sizes just dont  worry about it)...and if you need any other information you can just message me on here...and I will get back to you as soon as I can

if you need any other information I will be happy to provide it for you! Thank you!

Who I Am...lots of facts about me!

I am Tressa. I am 24, married and divorced and re-married to the most amazing man. I am a monther to a beautiful 3 year old boy who is my world. I have lost 2 babies before DJ that I love more than anything even though they aren’t around. I am a stay at home mom and house wife. My family is my world. I am also a part time model. I may not to the tallest, I may not have the biggest boobs, I have 4 tattoos and plan to get plenty more (if I can find someone who wont charge me a fortune), I have peircings and yes, I even pose nude. I have a few stretch marks that are barely visible, but I know they are there. I still have pimple problems. I love to eat, especailly comfort foods. I tend to drink too much coffee. I curse like s sailor, but I have the manors of a southern belle. I can dress like a lady or a tramp, but normally I prefer to be naked. I like to sing in the shower and in my truck (even though I really cant sing). I love to dance around my house like an idiot when Im cleaning. I listen to alot of country music and rock. I have an opinion and I not affriad to tell you how it is. I repect my elders but at the same time I believe to get respect you must earn it. I do lie…but not when it counts. I am lazy, after all is said and done. I am bi-polar and so I can get alittle hard to handle. I am high energy, so when first meeting me, I have been told its like being hit with a big rig…lol…I can get alittle loud when Ive had alittle too much to drink (the rare time that does happen). I want for nice things, but I need for nothing. I am a daughter, a sister, a step-daughter and step-sister. I am a friend and a best friend. I am a niece, a cousin, and a grand-daughter. I am a young girl and a grown woman. I am a student and a teacher. I am confident and scared to death. I am loving and caring and open minded. I am misunderstood. I have big dreams. I am a hopless romantic and a rough and tumble country grl. I am a lady as well as one of the guys. I like to get dirty working on cars and motorcycles and stuff. I love to get cleaned up and look nice for Chase and my photographers. I truly believe that a life without love, faith, hope and passion is no life at all. I am hardworking and determined but a slight procrastinator at the start. I love men and what! I have messed up teeth and a crooked nose. I wear glasses. I dye my hair red because I dont want to be a blond. I like a beer now and then or a nice glass of red wine. I love to read and write. I love and trust everyone until you give me a reason not to. I am Wiccan, and I dont mind other religions.

I have realized that I am the riches woman in the world…I may not have much money or lots of shiney things or a big house on the hill…but I’ve got a roof over my head, shoes on my feet, clothes on my back, food in my tummy, water to wash my self and my things with, power to cook my food with and power the few nice things I do have…I have amazing friends and family…and I have the most amazing man standing next to me through it all and a beautiful son that makes my whole world go round…Im a lucky woman…life has dealt me a pretty good hand…and I really cant complain about it…Im still alive, I’ve got alittle money in my pocket, Im in pretty good health (minus the fact that I am sick right now), I’ve got the love of a good man…and the one more day to be my son’s mommy…and to me, thats worth more than anything in the world…Im the luckiest and richest woman in the world…and no one can take my wealth away from me…

And Im pretty sure I could go on and on about myself, but this should atleast give everyone an idea of who I am…now how many of you truly know who you are?!

Alittle About Me (and my work)

Hey, my name is Tressa. Im a full time mom and house wife and a part time model. I live in Maryville TN, just west of Knoxville, with my husband Chase and my son DJ. I love being a mom, wife and model. First and fore most I am a mom and house wife and I love my family.
I love tattoos. I have four tattoos; A large one on my back, a small wrist band on my right wrist, five hearts on my left foot and a set of cherry blossoms with a skull behind my right ear. My belly button, ears and nose are pierced. I do plan to get more art work/tattoos done as soon as I can get the money. I believe that the body is a huge walking canvas and it should be shown off.
Modeling is so much fun to me. I love it. It gives me a chance to be me and not just “mommy” or “wifey”. Im always willing to try out new things. So by all means if you have any ideas or requests by all means just let me know and I will see what I can do to make it happen.
I have been modeling since August or 2008. I am truly a professional and do try to conduct myself as such. Please keep in mind that this is not a dating service and I am not here for anything other than to enhance My Professional Modeling Career.
I do nudes, implied nudes, lingerie, fashion, parts modeling, fetish and others (depending on assignment/photographer/compensation)  I am primarily seeking paid work but will do some TFCD… With, the Right Photographer. I will also do TFCD nudes, again…With the Right Photographer. I will not however, do open leg shots so please don’t ask!  Please, be Professional and on your game when contacting me! I bring an Escort to all photo shoots. He or she will stay out of the way and will not interfere with the creative process. If you have a problem with this, I will not be able to work with you. Contact me for my rates and so forth. 
When emailing me please include: 
                      * Name 
                      * Number 
                      * Type of shoot 
                      * How long 
                      * Location 
                      * Pay (whether its TFP, TFCD or Cash) 
***Please Note: If there is any traveling involved I will need to be reimburse for the money spent for gas. Jobs in the Knoxville area would be nice, if possible. I work the weekends and have my son through out the week so its slightly complicated for me to get free sometime, but as long as I have plenty of notice I can usually swing anything. I just need PLENTY of notice (which means like a weeks notice before the shoot)

2008/2009 Portfolio